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Our Christian Values:

At Ireby Church of England school our Christian values underpin all our work and play.

Every half-term we focus on one of our Christian value and learn about that value through collective worship, Bible stories our curriculum and our daily school life . Together we grow to understand the meaning of our values and how we can translate it into our everyday thoughts and actions. We see our values as virtues, personal traits that, if we grow them within ourselves, we can, in our own unique way, help make our world a better place.

Children sometimes plan and lead our collective worship, helping everyone to deepen their understanding of our values. Each half term, we also learn a hymn which relates to our value. 

'Our values are a way of life for us, naturally flowing from our hearts and our mouths.'
Our Christian values are:


   Friendship           Hope               Compassion            Wisdom                 Service          
 Autumn 1        Autumn 2               Spring               Summer 1              Summer 2

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