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Children's attendance at school

Your child's attendance at school is vital to helping them succeed. In-line with Government policy, we would ask all children to attend school and not take days off unless it cannot be avoided.

Valid reasons may include:

  • Illness/ sickness

  • A special occasion (see below)

If your child is sick, please can you notify the school by calling the school office on 016973 71367 preferably before 8.30am on the morning they are absent. At Ireby, we operate a 'First day of absence' procedure which means that we will contact you if your child does not attend school without prior notification.

A child that has an attendance of 90% will have missed the equivalent of half a day per week. All evidence suggests that this would have an impact on academic outcomes. Click the images below to find the latest UK Government and Cumbria County Council information.

We would ask parents not to take holidays during term time and requests should be made to the Head Teacher for only special occasions. This could include:

  • a funeral

  • A wedding

Requests will be assessed against the school's attendance policy which can be found below.

Ireby Attendance Policy

Responsibilities for school attendance

Request for absence form

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