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Our Christian vision is 'Created to Do Good' Ephesians 2:10 and

one of our core values is 'friendship'

We want our children to love coming to school and enjoy

learning. Relationships between our school community are

strong, based upon mutual respect. Our work is underpinned by

our behaviour policy.

Taking care of our physical and emotional well-being is vital to supporting our vision. However, we recognise that there will be times when relationships require some nurturing. Children at Ireby are supported to be honest with their feelings and to talk to a trusted adult when they feel the need so that we can help them to resolve issues.

Staff spend time developing relationships with parents and extended family. At the start and end of the school day, you will find us on the school gate. This is a great time to let us know of anything that may be worrying your child. 

At school, children engage in daily communications to inform us of how they are feeling. This enables us to identify and support any needs they might have. We also have a trained member of staff responsible for mental health and can also support. Again, if there is anything you think we should know that would help support your child, don't hestitate to contact us.


As you can imagine, any act of behaviour or 'bullying' that does not support our vision will be challenged. 


Our behaviour policy identifies bullying as: ' “Behaviour by an individual or group, repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally”.


It also states that, 'bullying (may) involve an imbalance of power between the perpetrator and the victim. This could involve perpetrators of bullying having control over the relationship which makes it difficult for those they bully to defend themselves.'

Children are supported to understand these definitions of bullying as it is important to be able to differentiate between a given situation which may occur, and 'bullying'.

Staff are trained to listen to children, identify issues and take steps to support an outcome which works towards our vision and values.

Please, if you have any concerns about your child at school, don't hesitate to speak us either at the gate, by telephoning on 016973 71367 or by email:

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Well-being and Behaviour 

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