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Games and Physical Education

Exercise is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. For our children, this means learning the importance of being physically active, not just during their time at our school, but beyond into their adult life.


Exercise is defined as being physically active and working your body at a greater intensity than normal, exercise raises your heart rate and body temperature and works your muscles too. As well as being active we should also be trying to ensure our children are eating healthy, if not exercise could be less effective.

At Ireby, children are encouraged to be active at every opportunity. In our curriculum, we have the benefit of a specialist sports coach, able to motivate our children and teach them the skills and knowledge they need to participate.

We also learn from experts using the platform 'PE Planning' as well as working with other professionals for pursuits such as orienteering, Ghyll Scrambling and kayaking as we work with Nichol End Marina to give our children the confidence and skills in water to be able to enjoy living in the Lake District to the full.

We also compete in competitive sports through our local secondary school, Nelson Thomlinson. Click the links to find out more.

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