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Our Curriculum

At Ireby Church of England school, our curriculum is carefully designed to support our aims: 

'To build children’s skills and knowledge towards specific end points at each key stage of their learning and across all areas of our curriculum, and commit this learning to their long-term memory, enabling them to know more and do more and fulfil our Christian vision of being citizens who can contribute positively to making our world a  better place during their time at Ireby and beyond.'


Where ever possible, we learn through first-hand experiences, whether it is working with people who inspire us (such as local artists or photographers) or by following the course of a river from source to mouth.


We use photography, film-making, drama and technology to enhance children's learning. We love to link our learning to our locality, nature and the to world around us.


Our whole school curriculum starts in the Early Years Foundation Stage, where our learning is based on the EYFS Framework and Development Matters report. 

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Our curriculum is designed to be accessible by all our children, and complies with our duties set out in the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational and Disability Regulations 2014.

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