At Ireby, computing is a vital part of supporting our children to become citizens of the future and supports our Christian vision, 'created to do good' Ephesians 2:10.


Children in the EYFS and KS 1 have full access to IPADs, where they learn to understand algorithms, logical reasoning, how to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve data as well as how to stay safe in a technological world.

In Key Stage 2, every child has their own personal

laptop. This allows them to access technology across the



We use Microsoft TEAMs to support communication across the school which means that children can access their learning at all times.

Children also learn the full range of computing skills using programs such as Microbit, Scratch and Sonic Pi. Internet safety is woven into all lessons and is often discussed as a starter for computing lessons.

We have a full range of cameras and video cameras as well as editing software which allows us to use use film and photography across our curriculum.