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Home Learning

Please find below the links to children's on-line learning. Children should already have their log-in details but please contact the school should this not be the case. Over the coming weeks we will update this page to support those pupils learning from home.

Update as of 23rd March: Good morning everyone. Mrs Erringtion, Mrs Dennison and I have just agreed the following:

  • We will update the Home Learning page each Friday afternoon starting on the 10th April.

  • This update will provide children with work for the following week (i.e w/c 13th April)

  • We will publish the work email address for both Mrs Errington and Mrs Dennison which parents/ children can use to email their teacher directly with any questions they have about their work.

  • Learning will be based around engaging topics which can be achieved in the home.


Thank you all and stay safe. 

Maths Shed.jfif

Children of all year groups please keep a daily record of books read in their Learning Journal. Key Stage 2 should finish reading Street Child


Maths Shed: This resource is for children from Reception to Year 6. Children should use the same log-in details required for your Spelling Shed account. Click the image above.

Times Tables Rock Stars: This resource is for children from Year 1 to Year 6. Children have their log-in details. Click the image above.


Spelling Shed: This resource is for children from Reception to Year 6. Spelling will continue to be updated weekly by teachers. Children should have log-in details. Click the image above.

Writing challenge:

Mrs Errington's class: Year 1 and 2 to complete a 300 word story challenge. Invent a time machine to take you to the future. Write a story with a beginning, middle and end describing the adventure it takes you on! Make it exciting all!!!

Mrs Dennison's class: Year 3 to 6 to complete a 500 word story challenge entitled: 'Disaster in the Mine'. Write a story with a fantastic beginning, middle and end which captures the readers imagination. Someone is in trouble down a mine during the Industrial Revolution - maybe it's you, maybe it's a friend or family member. The story will tell of a disaster and a rescue - maybe you need to fix a pulley system! - use the facts that you know to bring your story to life! Good luck.


Click image for writing ideas and support

500 words.jfif

Click on the images for your topic challenge: Mrs Errington's class - click the time machine!

Mrs Dennison's class - click the Pulley System!